Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Agradable agradecidos

Abajo de la luna llena en Xexecom, Quitche

Christmas gift giving in La Ventosa. Don Geronimo is in the red striped pants, mostly likely giving tiny speach.

Hugs hugs hugs. Feliz navidad niƱos queridos.

These photos are small windows of the moments I have passed here in Guatemala the past two months. They are the people and places that I hold close to my heart. Thank you so much to everyone that supported me in my journey here, once again. Stories soon to follow...


Nordq said...

Mel the QT newsletter and your photos brought me much happiness! chon'tey y che'bey tziy!

gabfrab said...

Please update! I had fun peeking around on here.

My sister is dating a guy from Guatemala so I get to hear some cool stories and legends from the country. Apparently in some villages after someone dies they wash the dead, collect the water, then turn it into a soup served at the funeral. Beware Guatemelan funeral soup! Best of luck in your travels. Cheers!