Saturday, March 13, 2010

east of west, west of east

The day I wrote the rest of this blog was the first day I spent in Bahia de Kino. Since my last entry I've driven all the way here, Sonora, after staying with Aunt Mitch and Uncle Humberto in Zihuatenejo. Kim and Jon traveled on together, and I continue with my dog. .

I woke with the sound of the waves and Chuchi barking. A thick fog hangs low over the flat water, the mysteroius land I drove into last night remains a mystery. Crossing hours of desert, sage brush, siguaros, dusty cattle, handsome cowboys, to reach this place of contradiction. The fog lifts, the island mountains, dry and treeless rising steep out of the pale green sea. There are many snakes out there, the deer get so thirsty they swim to shore. On the beach I find the tresure greater than I could ever imagine, sea shells, sea rocks, sea bones, sea wood. Crab shells, conch shells, oyster shells, long slender twirly shells, short stubby rolls, pinks, purples, irridecent oily shine. The sand isn't even sand, its just tiny shells and bits of shells.I reslove not to pick any up until I have seen them all. The are the testiment to the abundance of life beneath the surface of the water. This place has a strange magic, the bones of the ocean rest among the bleached cowskulls of the desert.
Its the first time I've been alone this long. The past year has been practice for this leg of the journey. I'm calling all of the skills I've aquired to use. Last Saturday the subie busted up its wheel bearings. We'll be waiting on parts for another week or so. So I am making peace where I am. I am only 4 hours from the border. So here I am still. Every night I watch the sun set, watch the first stars come out, thank God I'm here, right where I'm supposed to be. The universe is providing all I need, teaching me to be patient, to move slow, maybe I didn't want to go home anyway.

melissa e