Friday, March 27, 2009

Some girls aren´t crazy (this is proof)

So these pictures mostly corespond to the last post... You will find the following: wild Italian shorts straight from 1987, a beautifull sunset from the ending point of the San Andres fault, a magical wedding (and procession) I just happend to crash, a happy camp of wonderfully random individuals living in harmony on the beach, our co-workers on the farm, and a typical day at the office.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A fuera de la sarten...

Last Wednesday we cleaned out the space we inhabited for a month in Puerto Escondido, and said goodbye to the places, faces, dogs, and smells we had become familiar with during our stay. We finished our last day of work on the farm, and left with a feeling of peace, happy to have had the experience and to have helped in the organic movement in Mexico. As with any expierence one has to reflect on the whole, not just parts... There were many sweaty, filthy, frusterating moments. It was a challenge to get up that early and work six days a week. I found some perspective this last day talking to my co-worker, Lazaro, a native Chatino man who works six days a week. He tells me he gets paid 140 pesos a day, thats about $10 US. He asks how much people get paid in the states, and its hard for me to tell him that the wages are ten times as much . In this moment I clearly see the desire and necesity of Mexicans to work in the US, who would´t want to? I digress.
So, we leave the farm and go to meet up with our cyclist friend, Josh (whom you may remember from previous blogs), who is camping on a nearby beach. The beach is a beautifull cove called Playa Aragon. We spent the next few days meeting the beautifull people who have created a small camp. Musicians from Spain, people treking on foot across Mexico, and many more shared their food, stories, music, warmth and good times with us. We had a really hard time leaving. But after four days we needed to head out. The next part of the saga requires a blog to itself so I will save it for later. Don´t worry we are fine, and it will be a good story someday. Please send good energy to our car, she needs it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Puerto -not so- Escondido

Here are some pictures I have taken over the last month we have been here in Oaxaca. If you have facebook you can check out the photos I have on there also. I´m in the process of writing my next post, but mosquitos are biting my legs up right now. Must run! (litrally).

It takes one pineapple one year to reach maturity...

This is where the edge of the property meets the beach, just over the horizon in the picutre. We swim here a lot. There is almost never anyone else around.

These are some of the orchards of Punta Colorada, the granja where we work. In this picute are palmas, limons, naranjas, y posible papayas...

El diablo himself in Oaxaca city

If you like piƱa coladas...

The moon rising over a decrepit church (still in business for every mass)

Funny story, after I wrote this in the dust on our window it became a free for all for anyone and everyone to write something. We now have a beautifull mural on our back hatch.

For some reason this one won´t flip, you´ll have to turn your head sideways. Its a cartoon map of the area where we work and play.