Saturday, April 18, 2009

Relatos de Poder

Its been awhile, an I apologize for the delay in stories and pictures. Since my last post I have experienced in full the contradiction that is Mexico. Aurora and I spent the last part of March and the begining of April in Mexico city, population 26 million, and the next two weeks high in the mountains south of the city, being a part of a Danza del Sol (sundance). I will begin with D.F. (what mexicans call mexico city). We stayed at a couchsufing spot in a part of the city known as Coyoacan. This neighborhood has been home to many famous mexican artists, Frida Kahlo and Deigo Rivera being most well known. The area is beautifull, tree lined streets, friendly people, plazas busy with the afternoon crowd, eating icecream, strolling about. While in the city I almost hit my cap for culture and history, having visited atleast 5 museums, including the monumental Anthropology museum and also the very impressive ruin site of Teotihuacan. If anyone has any questions about Mexican history this would be a good time to ask me. What I learned from all of this is that the story of Mexico is rich, and ancient and tragic. Which brings me to the Danza del Sol. This is a festival hosted by an ogranic farm for the native traditions of Mexico and the U.S. It is to honor the sun and give thanks for all that it gives us. Aurora and I were invited to help in the kitchen for the week, but were included and encouraged to partake in all of the wonderfull happenings as well. If you are familiar with the sundances of the native amercians then you can imagine what this was like. We felt really blessed to have been invited. We camped in the most beautifull canyon, surrounded by misty mountains, covered by blue sky. We met wonderfull people in this place who will guide us and help us on our journey. I learned a lot about the deep tradition and culture that has been preserved and is practiced in Mexico . The longer I am here the more I realize how complex this place is. So after the festival we went down the road to a town called Malinalco and camped out with some friends for a few days. Here I celebrated my 25th year on this earth with a wonderfull day that included a picnic, swiming in a spring, and eating a whole trout. The celebrationfor both Aurora and my birthdays will continue today, in Mexico city, where we have invited everyone we know in the area to come with us on a boat ride in Xochimilco. (Xochimilco= long boats painted crazy colors, navigated through ancient canals by men with poles, filled with everything from mariachi bands to tamales and buckets of beer) pure spectacle. Our plans for the future are more openend than they have been in a long time. We still want to check out Chiapas in the south and Guatemala as well. I have faith that we will be guided in what ever direction we need to go.