Friday, July 2, 2010

Good life in the Badlands

What a challenge to keep up with the rapid flow of life... I am realizing the power of communicating, staying in touch, of writing this blog. This came to light upon meeting a follower of my writings here, thanks John, I am great full for the medium of internet and the ease of this method of sharing.
The universe has swept me up, carrying me to a place few people consider. South Dakota, Pine Ridge reservation, a country inside our country. People compare the towns of the Res to those of third world countries, a bit dramatic in my opinion. They are a little reminiscent of Mexico. There is a closeness of relationships like Mexico too. Everyone is related, into everyone's business, lots of drama, much heart, much compassion. I am invited here by my friend Sam, whom I met traveling. He is interning on a ranch here with another woman named Nisa. They both have education in Permaculture and are working on a variety of projects. Brian is the owner of this land, the impetus of this movement. He has great vision of bringing health, vitality, and economy back to this area. He wants to teach the people here to sustain themselves, to gain Independence from a system that has left them at the bottom. Brian is a good, good man, he has many ideas but a hard time following through with them. He is an inventor, there are mountains of rusting machinery all about the property, crazy stuff made from other stuff, projects minutes away from completion. A lot of Sam and Nisa's work has been purging and organizing crap. This will be a classroom, a variety of examples and demonstrations. A huge garden has been planted, where I spend much time working. There are plans for beehives, teepees, outdoor kitchens and showers, aquaculture, strawbale buildings and much more. My role to is to support this project and this community in any way I am called to. Lots of labor, lots of sweat, dust and sunburn, lots of Budweiser on the back porch as the sun goes down, sleeping so deeply.
In my free time I have been riding the horses here. There are over 35. I ride a horse called Rain. She is jumpy, she will bolt into a lope at any given time. Sam fell off of her while riding double bareback with one of the kids here. The boy broke his arm. Rain is a wild creature. I ride her over the range, as fast as she goes. We fly over the prairie on the surest of steps. She scares me and I love it. My dreams of horses encouraged me to come here, to the Lakota, to these Badlands.
My spirit sings the secret of life- keep it interesting, make decisions with the wisdom of my dreams, keep my heart simple and close to nature, close to the earth. I am safe, I am blessed, life is abundant!