Thursday, May 21, 2009

La selvadora

Do you ever wake up into moments of your life and realize where you are and what you are doing? In the past month I have woken up atop of an ancient pyramid of the Maya, deep in the jungle of southern Mexico, with the hot sun beating down on my back, the symphony of the jungle beasts at a defening roar. I have woken up in a chrystal blue pool, fed by an enormous waterfall, staring up into the sky as massive storm clouds colided creating lightning and booming with thunder. I have woken up in the house of a family in a Zapatista community, holding a chuby, laughing baby, while eating a simple lunch of food grown by the people there and hand made tortillas. Most recently I woke up riding my bike down a dirt road, smelling the greeness of the feilds surrounding me, staring back at the cows I pass.
I am in and around Palenque, Chiapas. I arrived here about a month ago, but really, there is no time here. I have found work on a small farm. Life is very simple. Wake with the sunrise, do chores and farmwork, eat beautifull fresh food, nap, read, stretch, walk, ride, cook, sing... and sleep. We have no electricity, but we do have running water and gas, which is more than most people in this area. I am learning all about preserving methods for mangos, there are so many that we can´t keep up with them as they ripen. There is a family of monkeys in the trees above my hut that I am getting to know. There will be more stories to come.
Much love to all.

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Laney Peach Coyne said...

Oh Mel, it sounds so wonderful:) I am beginning this process of "waking up" and it is a rough start.. But I know I need it.. Love you!